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Howdy Pardners,
Welcome to my Hartland Web Site. I am in the process of selling off my entire collection of Hartland Western sets, figures, horses, accessories, and other non-Hartland pieces.

Check back often! Rare pieces recently added to the Complete Sets and Horses groups! Hats , Boxes

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer selling reproduction parts. You'll need to continue to purchase your repro parts from the sellers on ebay.

Please, if you need information about which part goes with which set for your collection, or have any questions about Hartland, ask them!

You Can Pay by PayPal, Check, Cashier's Check, and Money Orders!
Mike Jackson PO Box 7850 - 215 Crabtree Lane Jackson Hole, WY 83002
307-733-5456 E-MAIL
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